The Book Man at Burning Man December 10, 2007 – Tags:

The theme of the 2000 Burning Man gathering was the body.

This large book sculpture was created by Dana Albany and was titled the Body of Knowledge

“A large-scale sculpture of the human body, entirely composed of out-date textbooks and discarded library books..The sheer presence of these books, what one could ultimately classify as discarded knowledge, re-used and sculpted into the human form, would silently speak. Each book represents a single cell or specific part of the body. Whether that book contains concrete scientific fact, fiction or poetry, its stories and tales help shape the human form, in its qualitative known existence to its endless mysteries. The sculpture’s presence would evoke images of the Libraries of Alexandria and ancient history.”

Top photo by Quito Banogon
Bottom photo via

Thanks to Pictures and Words for the lead

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