The Trees of Julie Dodd May 9, 2013 – Posted in: Books and Art, Installation, Paper

Forest: Lungs of the World

Julie Dodd is a friend of the earth. Much of her work is devoted to raise awareness of the perilous nature of our approach to, among other things, trees.

Her Year in Trees project is “a response to our involvement in the destruction of trees, concentrating on the importance and impact they have on the planet.”

One component, Forest: Lungs of the World tackles carbon dioxide. “Inspired by lung tissue, this miniature forest canopy emphasizes how trees are the lungs of the World.”

Then it is on to logging and the incredible piece Illegal Logging.
 Illegal Logging

 and finally, Pores for Thought where Dodd considers the loss of the native trees of Britain.

Dodd was also involved in a Tree-Cycle project with her local library where she “worked with groups of children and adults, helping them to decide how to create the shapes of trees on the floor, using books.”

Here is a quick video of one being constructed:

She doesn’t stop there. Another of her installations is Can’t see the Trees for the Forest.

Good stuff.

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