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The first 24-hour library vending machine in the United States has arrived, it cost $200k and it lives in Oklahoma 

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& Verse

Only in Things by W.S. Piero
Some days, who can stare at swathes of sky,

leafage and bad-complected whale-gray streets,

tailpipes and smokestacks orating sepia exhaust,

or the smaller enthusiasms of pistil and mailbox key,

and not weep for the world’s darks on lights, lights on darks,

how its halftones stay unchanged in their changings,

or how turning wheels and wind-trash and revolving doors

weave us into wakefulness or dump us into distraction?

This constant stream of qualia we feel in our stomachs.

The big-leafed plant lifts its wings to greet the planet’s chemistry,

the sun arrives on rooftops like a gentle stranger, rain rushes us

love to love, stop to stop, these veins of leaf, hand, storm and stream,

as if in pursuit of us and what we are becoming.




From Di Piero’s 2011 collection Nitro Nights, published by Copper Canyon Press.

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