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ex libris 2 Infinite Jest – Dave AdamsInfinite Jest – Dave Adams  11′ x 14′, created digitally using the Procreate iPad app and Adobe Photoshop


There is just too much good stuff in this exhibition to cover in one post so here is another healthy sampling from Ex Libris: 100 Artists, 100 Books


ex libris 2 Another Roadside Attraction – NoMe EdonnaVenus of the Great Northwest (Another Roadside Attraction) – NoMe Edonna. Oil (on acrylic underpainting) on canvas. 12″ x 16″ inches. 
ex libris 2 Moby Dick – Mark DaughheteeMoby Dick – “Ahab”  by Mark Daughhetee. Pigment on paper. 45 x 45 inches
ex libris 2 Papillon-Todd JannauschPapillon – ‘Cavale’ by Todd Jannausch – steel, plywood, lightbulb. (Photo credit Ish Ishmael)
ex libris 2 The Fountainhead – Lana GentryThe Fountainhead –  “Howard and Dominique” by Lana Gentry.  11″ x 14″. Graphite and colored pencil on bristol board
ex libris 2 The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay – Levi HastingsThe Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay – Levi Hastings. 14″ x 18″, Ink and Watercolor

ex libris 2 chrissheridan_master_margarita_800pxThe Master and Margarita – Chris Sheridan  54″ x 40″, oil on canvas
SONY DSC1Q84 – Michelle Anderst.  30″ x 40″ inches, oil on wood panel
ex libris 2 A Clockwork Orange – Janet GaloreA Clockwork Orange – “Chelloveck” 2014 by Janet Galore.  Mixed media, 16” x 20”
ex libris 2 Art and Lies – Sarah JonesArt and Lies – Sarah Jones.  19″ x 24″mixed media (fabric, paper, wax, xerox transfer, chalk, pencil, beads, silk thread, tape

Part 1 – Visual Libris: 100 artists and the books that influenced them

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