We’re Off to Illustrate the Wizard; The Wonderful Wizard of Oz May 16, 2011 – Tags: , ,

    Zoe Andreas 

Blank Pages, an arm of the London based design agency Fridge Creative, would like you to help illustrate  L. Frank Baum’s classic ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’,

 How it Works:

The entire text of the book has been uploaded with blank pages interspersed throughout.
When you happen upon a  blank white page it is need of an illustration. Draw it up and send it off, if the editors like it you’re in.

Blank Pages, whose mantra is to “Give old classics a new lease of life,”  plans on releasing other childhood favorites into the wild to be illustrated by the public. They “love seeing unique and creative illustrations, and felt that a wealth of classic stories could be brought back to life with modern day imagination.”

Octavi Navarro Torras

 Though there are no immediate plans to offer a printed version of the finished product the creators have not ruled it out.
Eventually, Print on Demand technologies will better align themselves with illustrated texts and projects like these can more easily find their way into a book form. There is a definite market out there.
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