Wordpharmacy: Take two verbs and call me in the morning May 28, 2013 – Posted in: Books and Art

Wordpharmacy is a concrete poetical work from Danish language poet, Morten SøndergaardPlaying with the language of pharmaceutical products Søndergaard has a field day. The work consists of ten medicine boxes, each representing one of the ten word-groups with each box containing a leaflet that functions as an instructional poem.

Like pills, language is something to be consumed by the body, and in turn it does not only affect our conceptions of things, but it also comes to designate our very corporal movability in the world. Consequently, words are not only something we consume, they are refractory entities that in turn define and consume us. Wordpharmacy can be seen as a poetical gesture endeavouring to let words work their magic from within the body itself.


A Verb® is a word which expresses an act, a state, an event, an activity or a change. Verbs® make the world work, and consequently there are more of them: the world verbs. Your poet may have prescribed another form of use. Follow your poet’s directions.



Conjunctions® should be used during pregnancy only as directed by a poet. Conjunctions® can cause a slight reduction in infant birth weight.

Wordpharmacy is translated from the Danish by Barbara J. Haveland and design by Christian Ramsø.

Video of WordPharmacy at  BrokenDimanche in Berlin:

Wordpharmacy has been translated into three languages so far, the hope is for many more.

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