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A Visit to "The Mouse Library" May 1, 2013 – Posted in: Books and Art, sculpture

“Do Not Disturb Me!” 40x20cm [15.75″ x 7.87″] Welcome to Souris de Bibliotheque (The Mouse Library), an amazing series of painted clay sculptures by French artist Véronique Didierlaurent. There is so much strength packed in these small creations; the dreamy serenity these women exude is contagious!  Enjoy the selection. “the climber books” 55x25cm Provisions for the road?” 35×20 cm   “The long literary chair” 45×20 cm “the bookmark” 35×25 cm “Playing perched” 40×20 cm “Lili-Larousse” 35×20 cm Sumptuous! Artist’s website

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A two-story Shhh! April 30, 2013 – Posted in: Books and Art, public libraries, sculpture

To create something to adorn the lobby of the then new library, the city of Walnut Creek, California enlisted the services of artist Christian Moeller. Moeller went ahead and  took what is probably the most stereotypical librarian behavior and he blew it up! Like two-stories high! “Shhh…Portrait in 12 Volumes of Gray” stands 26 feet tall and eight feet wide and contains 3,960 books. The covers are 12 shades of gray and arranged on a gigantic steel bookshelf,.…

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