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The LunchBook

Snack on this: An international recipe book with "paper plate" pages to eat on. LunchBook is designed by Italian design team Sebastiano Ercoli and Alessandro Garlandini for the Expo Milano 2015 world exposition dedicated to food, sustainability and nutrition. This culinary world book contains international recipes encouraging the visitor to use its pages as plates and taste the many dishes from the Expo Milano stands. Once a page is used it can be easily removed. The pages have been coated with a waterproof biopolymer film and are 100% recyclable and compostable. An added feature is having each paper plate's border based upon the traditional...

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Goodnight Book

No, this isn't one of those all too common stories lamenting the end of books. This is a story about a comfortable place for your books to rest.Now you can sleep side by side with your most cherished book. Open to you favorite passage or illustration and the book will rest as soundly as you until you are ready to re-engage.Welcome to the Rare Book Display Pillow courtesy of University Products. Here's what the say about it:The idea for this simple, yet safe and effective method of providing full support for rare books on display came to us from the Department...

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The BiebBus: A Mobile Library for the Ages

 The essence of a successful library is one that serves its community well.But what about those places that are hard to get to and where it is to costly to build a library?That's where the bookmobile or mobile library comes in and this one might just take the cake.The Biebbus was specially designed for the people of the densely populated and difficult to navigate Zaan region of the Amsterdam metro area by architect Jord den Hollander.It consists of a refurbished shipping container that pops up to provide two rooms, one for the 7,000 books it carries and one for the...

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