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The Electronic Home Library: 1950’s Style August 1, 2010

click to enlarge and enjoy The year is 1959.The place is the Chicago Tribune.The image is from Arthur Radebaugh’s syndicated futurist cartoonist strip, Closer Than We Think! The text accompanying the image (emphasis mine): Some unusual inventions for home entertainment and education will be yours in the future, such as the “television recorder” that RCA’s David Sarnoff described recently. With this device, when a worthwhile program comes over the air while you are away from…

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Book Do’s and Don’ts For the 21st Century August 7, 2009

Sad that it has come to this but signage has now been created to prevent those whose experience with books is severely limited from making serious, life- or book threatening gaffes when in their presence. The signs are appropriate for libraries, book stores, reading rooms, or general household use, and delightfully capture the current, confused book zeitgeist. It is unlikely that ebooks will ever require warning signs beyond a Magritte-ish This Is Not a Book…

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