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  • Digital Insurance: E-Book backup by Jesse England

    Life in the cloud can have its consequences. Remember back in 2009 when Amazon unilaterally decided to remove copies of George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm from customers Kindles due to a copyright issue. And what if we suffer a prolonged power outage? Or god forbid the Kindle becomes obsolete? How will ever be able to access our…

  • Keeping It Real: Top Reasons for Choosing Print over Digital

    Results of a poll conducted recently by Fatbrain, a UK-based used book marketplace via Stephens Lighthouse via  The Digital Reader

  • There’s money in those ebooks

    via Ebook Friendly

  • Wall Reading with the Microbook

    For some, this just might be the future of electronic reading.Imagine if your e-reader was hooked up to a projector and you could watch your book on any wall, ceiling or flat surface! You know like lying in bed and looking up.Well, imagine no more for the Microbook is here. It is palm-sized, has no buttons,…

  • Out of Print: The Trailer

    Narrated by Meryl Streep, and directed by Vivienne Roumani  (a former librarian) Out of Print documents our ongoing transition from the printed age to the digital age.The film features interviews with many of the leading figures in the book universe from Jeff Bezos to Fred Bass, owner of The Strand bookstore. From authors like Scott Turow…