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Bar Reading December 1, 2012

At one time or another I bet most of us have read alone at a bar either as an evening activity or while we waited for a friend. Of course, some places are more user friendly than others for the biblio “stool pigeon,” so one must choose their reading bar wisely.  In Bookin’ It to the Bar Matt Bloom “opens a chapter on watering holes” in San Francisco by offering his take on which bars are more…

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Literary Journeys: A new poster series by Owen Smith for BART June 7, 2012

The latest installment of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) poster series is a set of three original book-themed posters by Owen Smith. The series features three literary icons from the Bay Area;  Dashiell Hammett, Jack London and Amy Tan. In each poster a commuter is reading one of the author’s books while related imagery swirls around them. The image above features characters from Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon while out the train window you see…

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