The Maine Event: Local pastors lose it when when they spot LGBTQ books in banned books display

Those of us living in the Northwest corner of the US have always had a quiet affinity with our brethren living in the Northeast corner. I think those days might be over.

The unconscionable vote by Maine senator Susan Collins  to help put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court is a gamechanger. Then this story out of Rumford, Maine doesn’t help either. It appears that local pastors got all bent out of shape by the LGBTQ books that were part of this display of banned books at the Rumford Public Library. So what do they want to do? They want to to ban the LGBTQ books from the banned book display! 

Story via NCAC.

Image of display via Katje Fae (Twitter: @katjefae) 

Allen Ginsberg on censorship, language and police brutality

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In 1968 Allen Ginsberg appeared on Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr.

The topic was the Avant-Garde but it wasn’t long before Ginsberg, who Buckley refers to as “the hippie’s hippie, the bohemian prototype,” turns the discussion to the power of the media, censorship and language. He points out how the language of the media is a far cry from the language of the everyday and how the language the police use “toward hippies and Negroes” never enters the public discourse so one can never get a true picture of what happened. 

This was almost 50 years ago!