A library built with 50,000 free books hopes to debut at the Bay Area Book Festival


It’s called Lacuna and if all goes well this spectacular homage to books, libraries and public space will be open for business at the Bay Area Book Festival that will be held in June.

Commissioned by the Bay Area Book Festival and created by the FLUX Foundation Lacuna is hailed as an interactive art installation, a library, and a monument to books. It is constructed with 50,000 books that can be removed from its walls and taken home for free.

Why Lacuna?

Lacuna is about rekindling that sense of wonder we all have experienced with books. We want people to be enthralled and captivated by Lacuna, and to feel excitement in the process of selecting a book and taking it home to keep.


We especially want kids to experience this. The Bay Area Book Festival has a ton of activities specifically for kids, and Lacuna’s location in the festival is right by the children’s zone. We want kids to see Lacuna and get excited… we want them to take books, to sit and read books, and to build a connection to books in their physical form

Lacuna a

Thanks to the Internet Archive they already have the books, all 50,000 of them! The blueprints are done and the volunteers are all in place.

There still remains; however, a financial need and the festival organizers have taken to Kickstarter in hopes of raising $10,000 to complete the project.

Kickstarter page

A Library & Public Art Space Built with 50,000 Free Books | Visual News.

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