ABC’s of Book Collecting : Ana


A collective noun meaning a compilation of sayings, table talk, anecdotes, etc. Southey described Boswell’s Johnson as ‘the Ana of all Anas’. Its most familiar use is, however, the original one (from which the noun was made) in the form of a Latin suffix meaning material related to as distinct from material by; e.g. Boswelliana, Railroadiana, Etoniana. Like other such suffixes it is not always easily attachable to English names, even assisted, as commonly, by a medial i. Shaviana, Harveiana and Dickensiana are well enough; but Hardyana is repugnant to latinity, Cloughiana and Fieldingiana are awkward on the tongue, and should one write Wiseiana, Wiseana or Wisiana?

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