Books on Wheels: A Global Jaunt

ilbibliomotorcarroAntonio La Cava’s Ilbibliomotorcarro – Italy

 Recently we posted a photo on Tumblr of Antonio LaCava roaming around Italy in his three-wheel creation. It has turned out to be a very popular post so we thought we would expand it a bit to feature some wheeled libraries from around the world.

From India’s first bookmobile to Raul-Lemesoff’s book tank the power of the written word remains strong and our hats are off to these dedicated people of the book.

raul-lemesoff-weapon-of-mass-instruction-Raul-Lemesoff’s Weapon of Mass Instruction, Argentina

Image (cc) by Carlos Adampol on Flickr

Mr Doi. And his bike, Japan

book bicycle unattributedEastern Europe?

Mobile Library brazilBicicloteca, Brazil

books on wheels iranKordestan, Iran, 1970

books on wheels wagon indiaIndia’s first bookmobile, 1931