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Famous Schools from Fiction July 7, 2015 – Posted in: Content, infographics

I know school’s out for summer but this infographic courtesy of  Rayburn Tours was too cool to leave for fall. From Hogwarts School to Pencey Preparatory to a slew of fictitious schools from film and TV I trust there is one that you wish you attended 🙂

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Latest study confirms that school libraries positively impact student test scores  May 15, 2015 – Posted in: Content, infographics, public school libraries, Reading / Literacy

Well what do you know –  another study, this this time from the South Carolina Association of School Librarians, confirms once again that schools with vibrant libraries and librarians make a difference.  A big difference. Test scores and reading levels are higher and the chance of long-term academic success is greatly improved when a school boasts a healthy library. The evidence continues to mount yet schools all over this land are still struggling to even have a library.  It wasn’t…

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