Censored by Sarah Palin, Exchanged by Warren Neidich

Book Exchange, 2010.  Powder Coated Steel and books | 2m x 1.9m

Remember back in 2008 when Sarah Palin was trying to censor some books from the Wasilla, Alaska public library? (In case your memory is a bit fuzzy please see our post, The Wasilla 90: An Internet Legend is Born as well as the other links below)

Luckily Warren Neidich does. For his 2010 piece Book Exchange Neidich “designed [a] rotating book shelf to hold all the books Sarah Palin supposedly wanted censored from her local library in Wasilla Alaska.

Then he invited members of the community to come to the gallery bearing a red book to be exchanges for  one of the shelved books.

When all the books have been exchanged for and the work becomes a red monochrome the work is completed.

I never thought seeing red would be so cool.

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h/t vvork