In the Stacks of the Folger Shakespeare Library

folger frontis works 1709Frontispiece.  The works of Mr. William Shakespear in six volumes, 1709

Back in August the Folger Shakespeare Library unsealed their almost 80,000 digital image archive! An absolute treasure-trove of material related to Shakespeare, the collection contains books, theater memorabilia, manuscripts, art, and more for your online perusal. 

Through the Digital Image Collection, you can:

  • Compare 19th-century productions of Shakespeare with today’s through historic photographs and promptbooks
  • Look at letters written by Queen Elizabeth I
  • Examine rare paintings in “up close and personal” detail
  • Read diary entries from over 200 years ago
  • and much more

I trust this won’t be the last time we visit.


Folger frontis works 1725Frontispiece. The works of Shakespear. 1725

Folger Shakespeare Library digitalWood engraving based on the Felton portrait, ca, 19th century

Folger Hugh Thompson Merry Wives 1910 Illustration by Hugh Thomson for Merry Wives of Windsor, 1910 

Folger Eric Gill 1935

Wood engraving by Eric Gill for Macbeth, 1935

Folger Gielgud type script HamleetTyped script of Richard Burton’s Hamlet / directed by John Gielgud 1963 with Gieglud’s signature

folger merchant of venice toy theaterSheet of characters from Merchant of Venice from the Toy Theatre Collection of Gigi and Glen Sandberg source


More In the Stacks 

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