Machine Poetry with Feeling

Researchers at the University of Colorado (UC)- Colorado Springs and Drury University have recently developed a unique language generation system that they claim can produce creative poetry verses infused with emotion.

The project focused “more on the content, emotion and creativity of the text, as opposed to the structure or rhythm found in prior poetry generation studies.”

Combing through large text repositories like Project Gutenberg the researchers looked for words included in EmoLex, an emotion-lexicon dataset developed by the National Research Council of Canada.

They also fed the machineĀ  “a combination of dream data and poetry to create what is known as ‘dream poetry,'” which focused less on structure and “more on a free-verse style of poetry that looks to imitate and reproduce the finesse and creativity of real poets.”

Does it work?

Humans were asked to evaluate the newly created machine poems and they found that they effectively elicited sadness and joy 87.5% and 85% of the time, respectively.

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