Memory Palace: A walk through Hari Kunzru’s new novella June 28, 2013 – Posted in: Books and Art – Tags: , ,

memory palace kellyJohnny Kelly

Talk about immersing yourself in a book. Welcome to what might be the world’s first walk-in book.

Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace is a collaboration between author Hari Kunzru and 20 internationally acclaimed graphic designers, illustrators and typographers.

Kunzru wrote a dystopian novella set in a a futuristic London where recording, writing, collecting and art are outlawed. Then each artist was given a different passage to fuel their muse.

The results are now on view at the Victoria & Albert Museum

memory palace wagnerMario Wagner

memory palace kplalovicStuart Kolakovic

memory palace LawsFrank Laws

memory palace Abake Åbäke

memory palace pearsonLuke Pearson

If you are so inclined there is a web-based drawing tool that is part of the installation that allows you to leave a memory in the style of the Johnny Kelly illustration above.

The V&A has also published the novella with accompanying essays.

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