Poetry is Wanted Here!

poetry is wanted here

We can’t let National Poetry Month go by without a taste of some of the poetry goodness that lives within the confines of the Digital Public Library of America. From the postcard above featuring an excerpt from a poem by Alex Caldero proclaiming ‘Poetry is wanted here!’ to a sampling of dust jackets, to a lunch poem from second graders, poetry is alive and well at DPLA. 

first book of poetryThe First book of poetry [Title-page]. 1811

pleasures of poetryThe pleasures of poetry. (Vol. 2) 1947

poetry as a means of gracePoetry as a means of grace.

poetry of bibleThe poetry of the Bible, a new anthology

Poetry WeekPoetry Week at Miss Duckett Monroe School Washington, DC,  1947

school poetrySchool lunch poetry from a second grade class at Ashley Elementary,Vernal, Utah. Undated

arizona poetry centerEntrance to the original Poetry Center. ca. 1960

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