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Of Interest: Burn the Diaries, How Literature Saved My Life, Storytelling Through Textiles and The Writer’s Garden September 25, 2014 – Posted in: book arts, Content, Of Interest: Featured Books / Reviews, Photography

 Burn the Diaries by Moyra Davey and Alison Strayer. Illustrated with photos by Davey. “The dross of the diary, the compulsion to scribble, the delusion that we can hold on to time. The inversion of this neurosis is the anxiety of being read, the fear of wounding and, just as strong, the dread of being unmasked.” Comprised of texts from Moyra Davey and Alison Strayer Burn the Diaries is a meditation on the act of…

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Christie’s Poison Pen Inspires Garden December 31, 2009

A Plaque Honoring Agatha Christie At Torre Abbey. It is a quiet killer. Portable, difficult to detect, easy to use, and you can grow it right in your own backyard. We’re talking poison. A favorite weapon of the fair sex, enabling even the daintiest femme fatale to dispatch a hulking muscleman twice her size. Perhaps this is why the queen of mystery writers, Agatha Christie, was so partial to it: poison is the method of…

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