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Target brings haiku to the masses May 9, 2011

 Welcome to Haiku-pons, the latest direct mailing for the Target Corporation. The booklet features coupons from select departments; each adorned with a corresponding haiku. Now for the fun part. As you clip your way through the booklet new haikus are formed. Above is a complete page, below is the page with the middle coupon excised What a great idea though the timing could’ve been a bit better. Why are these showing up in peoples mailboxes…

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The Monobookist Invades New York April 28, 2011

 photo via CNN  Doth One Book Make a Store? Everywhere you look in the recently opened Ed’s Martian Book in New York City’s West Village you’ll see the same book.  Whether you’re in the New and Noteworthy section or the Sale section you will be exposed to one book and one book only,  Kessler’s recently released, Martian Summer: Robot Arms, Cowboy Spacemen, and My 90 Days With the Phoenix Mars Mission, an account of his…

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