The Book as the Starting Point

Why not just turn publishing on its head and try to change the world right off the bat?

Welcome to Sharp Stuff a new publisher born from the confines of one of the great ad agencies on the planet, Wieden+Kennedy. Their mission: to explore “the boundaries of story building” by being a “rapid release content shop that hacks current formats to create new forms.”

“The book as the starting point, not the end game” is our approach says Jake Dockter, Director of Communications and Content.

Their first project wastes no time in pushing the boundaries. Created in three months, American Dreamers “mixes the fluidity and dynamism of online publishing with the texture and tradition of print.”

American Dreamers brings together over 50 optimists, mavericks and mad inventors who believe we can create a better world. From our neck of the book woods there are contributions by Richard Nash who pronounces that “poetry will be the most popular art form of the twenty-first century”,  Matthew Dickman’s ‘All-American Poem’, the title poem from his debut collection, comic legend Stan Lee’s call for heroes and Kurt Andersen’s piece ‘Reset’ which ponders what needs to be done for “America to remain at the top of the heap for a long time to come.”

“One of our goals is to use American Dreamers as a spark to get people dreaming and sharing.” says Dockter. They have partnered with, the new publishing platform from the founder of Blogger and Twitter Ev Williams, to offer a place for people to read the dreams of others and to eventually share your own.

And all this is just the beginning.

When you add the Wieden+Kenedy spin to the content you get something like this:

poster derived from ‘Reset,’ Kurt Andersen’s contribution to American Dreamers

Posters, broadsides, limited editions…One can only imagine what other “new forms” will emanate from Sharp Stuff so stay tuned.

American Dreamers is available both as a print-on-demand book or electronically.

Use the promo code HOLIDAYS at checkout to receive 20% off the ebook version.