The Science Cafe & Library by Anna Wigandt

Here’s a great way  to attract people to the wonders of science – build a beautiful cafe and library designed to foster the study and exploration of the sciences.

Unfortunately, the odds are most of us will never get a chance to experience this amazing interior designed by Anna Wigandt.

You see, the Science Cafe & Library is located in Chişinău, Moldova!

Science-Cafe-Library-design-Anna-Wigandt 2

The intent was to appeal less to the chaotic and emotional experience of a typical cafe, and more to the rational and refined vibe of a library, while maintaining the accessibility and interactiveness of a public space


One wall features a bank of massive windows which bathe the entire space in natural light. The opposite wall is composed of a honeycomb of small cubbys, where patrons can store their belongings.  The Cafe is meant to be self service, and a long table houses food and drink in a specimen-like array of jars and square depressions in the surface. The third wall houses a bookshelf of source materials for use in the Cafe, on everything from civil and mechanical engineering, to shipbuilding and astronautics. 

And to boot, the tables are inspired by a 16th century German astronomer’s cosmological theory entitled the Mysterium Cosmographicum

Science-Cafe-Library-design-Anna-Wigandt 3

Source: It’s Hip to Be Square: Science Cafe & Library by Anna Wigandt — KNSTRCT



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