A Pedophile’s Memoir. Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story

 As the Penn State child rape saga continues to unfold and the horrors committed by former defensive coordinator and accused serial pedophile Jerry Sandusky come to light there will be a lot of second guessing and soul searching as to how such a tragedy was allowed to continue for so long.

One of the most telling signs and one that is almost impossible to believe is the title of Sandusky’s memoir that was published in 2001, Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story.

The ‘about the author’ section on Amazon further states that “Sandusky is the founder of The Second Mile, a charitable foundations that has touched the lives of more than 100,000 children.”

The irony of Sandusky, the defensive coordinator, going on the offensive against 10 year old defenseless boys is beyond rational thought.

Though the book is no longer available on Amazon it hasn’t stopped people  from “reviewing” the book in light of the allegations.

phillyBlurb.com has a piece titled, Jerry Sandusky’s autobiography gets slammed on Amazon, in which the author ends by saying “I’ve never been one for burning books, but if I came across a copy of this one, I’d light the match myself.”

 Couple of thoughts about this utter tragedy and the seeming cover up:

First, this confirms once again that football is a very dangerous sport – with sever physical, cultural and social consequences. Of course Paterno should have been fired. The entire program should be shut down immediately until a full investigation is completed and there are guarantees that if anything close to this happens again it is dealt with effectively within 10 minutes and not over 10 years.