Bookmark Collectors Book First Convention

Howard & Caldwell’s Men’s Clothing, Brockton, MA, c. 1880s.

The first convention for bookmark collectors will take place on February 20-21, 2010. It is an online event; bookmark the page.

Art and Crafts brass bookmark c. 1905, in the Roycroft style.

Bookmark collectors and enthusiasts from across the globe will have an opportunity to meet, give and attend online seminars, view galleries, shop n’ swap, and socialize with other collectors and enthusiasts.

Bookmark made from a discarded circuit board.

If you collect, design and make, or are simply curious about bookmarks, this is an excellent way to indulge your passion or begin your journey. If, as well, you’re interested in ephemera and/or biblio-paraphernalia be sure to stop by the website and register for the Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention.

Bookmark/business card from Paul Foster & Co., c. 1900.

“Bookmarks have been in existence for as long as there have been books, and for the bookmark collector their meaning goes beyond their mundane purpose of marking a position within a book. Made out of materials that vary from paper to precious gems, they are pieces of art, souvenirs, craft samplers, time capsules, and cultural flotsam. Although their prices vary from free to thousands of dollars, collectors ascribe value based on personal meaning, judgment of beauty, and fit within a series” (From the BMVC site).

Strange Chart of the Ages bookmark from evangelist C.S. Tubby.


Thanks to LISNews for the lead.

Images courtesy of BMVC gallery.