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Tweet for a Read: Is this the bookmark of the future?

What if your bookmark could communicate with you. What if the writer of the book you put aside and haven't picked up in awhile can send you a tweet! Something like - I miss you, please pick me up again and hold me for awhile things are about to get really interesting #tweetforaread Welcome to “Tweet for a read” a campaign courtesy of Brazil’s Penguin Companhia das Letras Mood/TBWA Brazil that features a smart bookmark that helps readers keep in touch with the book’s storyline and serves as a reminder to get back to reading. [vimeo width="640" height="400"]http://vimeo.com/97274073[/vimeo] It's a brave new world. A Bookmark That Reminds You...

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Hamlet on a Bookmark

It started as a joke between cartoonist Zach Weinersmith and designer Katie Sekelsky. Wienersmith commented about being  "so bookish, my bookmarks are smaller books’ and from there they got to the t-shirt design below.Luckily, they weren't done yet. What if the could make a bookmark that is also a book?And they did - using 1.29pt font! Weinersmith says, "you can make out names like Bernardo and Hamlet with the naked eye and read the whole thing with a 10x magnifying glass. "Our assumption is that people are doing this for the charm of having the whole thing right there, rather than for convenience.”In his...

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Bookmark Collectors Book First Convention

Howard & Caldwell's Men's Clothing, Brockton, MA, c. 1880s.The first convention for bookmark collectors will take place on February 20-21, 2010. It is an online event; bookmark the page.Art and Crafts brass bookmark c. 1905, in the Roycroft style.Bookmark collectors and enthusiasts from across the globe will have an opportunity to meet, give and attend online seminars, view galleries, shop n’ swap, and socialize with other collectors and enthusiasts.Bookmark made from a discarded circuit board.If you collect, design and make, or are simply curious about bookmarks, this is an excellent way to indulge your passion or begin your journey. If,...

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