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Zoë Kravitz for the Library October 29, 2018 – Posted in: graphic design, Libraries, posters

The American Library Association has released it latest Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for its ilovelibraries initiative. The new READ® poster and video features Zoë Kravitz and combines Kravitz’s library love with the upcoming film Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald in which she stars.  The poster features Kravitz in her character Leta Lestrange and the video is part film trailer and part Kravitz sharing her thoughts on the magic of books.

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Posters from the University of Arizona Poetry Center: 1960’s Style April 8, 2015 – Posted in: Content, posters

Poetry is the food of the spirit, and spirit is the instigator of all revolutions, whether political or personal, whether national, world-wide, or within the life of a single quiet human being. —Ruth Stephan There was  a lot of action at the Ruth Stephan Poetry Center in the 1960’s. Founded by Stephan the mission of the Poetry Center was simple – to provide a place “to promote poetic literacy and sustain, enrich and advance a diverse literary…

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Writing, Creativity and Motivation January 30, 2015 – Posted in: Accessories, books, Inspiration, posters, Review

Voltaire is reputed to have said to a client “… madam, here is the novel you commissioned it’s in two volumes, if I had more time I could have written it in one.” What a dramatic statement! It gets to the heart of new writers problems – how to be clear and concise. As an established writer I am frequently asked for advice but fail miserably in supplying answers. I have been writing now for…

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Alphaposters November 12, 2014 – Posted in: Alphabets, Content, posters

K   In 2008 HappyCentro was invited to take part in a collective project around the concept of the ‘Travelling.’ The project was spearheaded by Scalacolore, a design community based in Verona, Italy.  The challenge:  Design a series of posters by taking a letter of an alphabet, looking for a selection of 10 cities in the world that starts with this letter, say which languages are spoken in these places, say where are you from and which…

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Scared Straight, 1990’s Style: Drug and Alcohol Posters from Uncle Sam September 28, 2014 – Posted in: Content, In the Stacks, posters, Special Collections

Here’s another offering courtesy of the new partnership between the Government Printing Office (GPO) and the Digital Public Library of America. A sampling of Government issued posters from the early 1990’s (and one from 1989) dealing with the dangers of drugs and alcohol. All from the vast archive of government posters that reside at the University of Iowa. Enjoy!   Previously on Book Patrol: Keeping track for the National Archives and Records Adminsitration

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