Dick Bruna: A sampling of covers

Dick Bruna maigret

He is best known for creating Miffy, the world’s most famous rabbit.  Yes, that’s right, the world’s most famous rabbit, Not Peter, not Roger… Miffy.

He has published over 200 Miffy books to date with almost 90 million sold. The Miffy brand rakes in over $150 million a year.

But Miffy is just a slice of the Dick Bruna pie.

Bruna is also a titan of Dutch modernist graphic design and has designed and illustrated over 2,000 book covers!

You see his father was a publisher and he got to work designing covers and promotional material for the company.

Here is a sampling of his amazing work for the Zwarte Beertjes (Black Bears) series of books published by A.W. Bruna &  Zoon.

Dick Bruna Asimov

Dick Bruna chez loulou

Dick Bruna de Clercq

Dick Bruna durbridge

Dick Bruna Senor saint

Dick Bruna Literair

From The Telegraph archive: Dick Bruna, creator of the Miffy books, talks about his life and work
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h/t and more covers at Present & Correct