Bartell to mix Books with Drugs November 13, 2013 – Posted in: Books and Technology


Last week word came that the Seattle independent drug store chain Bartell will introduce the Espresso Book Machine at one of its locations.

It will be the first appearance of the print on demand contraption at a drug store.

“Consumers can now print high quality, personalized self-published books or purchase books from On Demand Books’ catalog of more than 7 million titles in just minutes” says the press release.

When was the last time you heard an independent  bookshop refer to one of their customers as consumers. Just two different animals.

And I can see it now – once they outfit all 61 stores in the Seattle area and start calling themselves Seattle’s largest independent book store chain!

HL_Southworth_Drugs_and_BooksH.L. Southworth Drugs and Books Store. Provo, Utah 1874

drugs and book 1

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