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  • Machine Poetry with Feeling

    Machine Poetry with Feeling

    Researchers at the University of Colorado (UC)- Colorado Springs and Drury University have recently developed a unique language generation system that they claim can produce creative poetry verses infused with emotion. The project focused “more on the content, emotion and creativity of the text, as opposed to the structure or rhythm found in prior poetry…

  • Illustrations by James Firnhaber

    Illustrations by James Firnhaber

    James Firnhaber is a young and rising freelance illustrator living in Philadelphia. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post and Philly Magazine. Firnhaber influences include his love of mythology, magical realism and traditional animation. Here is a sampling of his book-themed work. Enjoy! Alice in Wonderland – created for a reading…

  • DIY: Build your own book arch

    DIY: Build your own book arch

    Scott Hill, the proprietor of Sandman Books in South Florida,  has shared his secrets on how to make your very own book arch. It begins with a familiar bookseller quandary – what to do with all those books one acquires “that are simply at the end of their lives”. Hill decided to do something fun…

  • A night school for working kids in Pakistan

    A night school for working kids in Pakistan

    Founded by Mohammad Rohayl Varind in 2016 Slum School (Slum cleverly stands for Students Learning Under the Moon) is Pakistan’s first solar powered night school. There are 23 million kids that do not go to school in Pakistan, many of whom work during the day! Varind’s goal is to educate the underprivileged in hopes of…

  • Reading Jane Eyre: All 594 translations in 57 languages

    Reading Jane Eyre: All 594 translations in 57 languages

    The project is called Prismatic Jane Eyre and is the brain child of University of Oxford professor Matthew Reynolds. In collaboration with an international team of more than two dozen scholars they dove deep into the publishing history of Charlotte Brontë’s classic 1847 novel, Jane Eyre. Why Jane Eyre? Says Reynolds: The more I thought…

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