Photoshoot in the Library: Benjamin Von Wong goes to work inside the world’s oldest monastic library

Benjamin Von Wong

Think Beauty and the Beast and a library beyond your wildest imagination.

Then think about how lucky photographer Benjamin Van Wong was to be able to carry out the first creative photoshoot held inside the library at Admont Abbey in Austria.

Completed in 1776 Stift Admont is the oldest monastic library in the world, some have dubbed it the “eighth wonder of the world.” It holds 200,000 books and is adorned with priceless frescoes and needless to say made a perfect backdrop. 

Benjamin Von Wong c


Benjamin Von Wong b

Model Jen Brook,
Clothes by Polish designer Agnieszka Ospia,
Hair and makeup Bianca Kristin Woltsche

More on the shoot at Benjamin Van Wong’s blog, What it’s like to shoot in a real life Disney library – Stift Admont

Story at PetaPixel, A Disney-Themed Photo Shoot in the World’s Largest Monastery Library




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