In the Stacks: Leslie Jones at the Boston Public Library

Leslie Jones reading position

Gertrude Fisher takes unusual position to read the latest novel of her husband M.S. Merritt. November 26, 1932

Though he worked as staff photographer of  Boston Herald-Traveler from 1917 to 1956 Leslie Jones considered himself more of a camera-man then a photo-journalist. And when all was said and done he had amassed  “a stunning pictorial document of the history of Boston in the 20th century.”

Leslie Jones old bookstore

The Old Bookstore, Cornhill March 1930

His collection of almost 40,000 negatives was donated to the Boston Public Library by his family in the early 1970’s and now thanks to the work of the Digital Commonwealth and the the Digital Public Library of America we have the opportunity to view.

If you have any Boston in or around you the collection is sure to delight. There are thousands of baseball images, from Fenway Park to the Red Sox and  his work records “both the usual and the unusual in the daily life of Boston.”

Leslie Jones Bookshop sign

Sign for book shop with leaping stag [ca. 1917–1934]

Leslie Jones Helen Keller

Miss Helen Keller, here for tonight’s Chelsea flood fund benefit, reads the lips of Sylvia B. Richmond of the Chelsea Public Library. April 3, 1936

Leslie Jones bird reading

Bird reading Harvard Crimson [ca. 1934–1956]

Leslie Jones Bookstore

Bookstore. [ca. 1917–1934]

Leslie Jones book that saved cop

Book that saved patrolman Francis J. Gannon from bullet heading toward his heart, 1933

Leslie Jones Collection – Digital Commonwealth (beta).

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