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Dr. Batman: First doctorate in comics goes to Michael Uslan October 8, 2012

Michael Uslan, originator and executive producer of the Batman film franchise since 1989 His memoir is titled The Boy Who Loved Batman and since 1989 (think Michael Keaton and Tim Burton) he has been at the helm of the incredibly popular (close to $2 billion at the box office) Batman film franchise. “One of my life’s goals is to make the world aware that comics are an indigenous American art form, as legitimate as jazz,”…

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Some book love from Inkygirl September 25, 2012

‘Inkygirl: An illustrated guide for those who write and draw for young people’ is the home for the comics and literary-themed illustrations of Debbie Ridpath Ohi. Though mostly packed with comics and illustrations for the writer set there are many that cater to the bibliophile. From the spineless library crook above to the relationship ruined by a damaged book below Ohi cleverly illuminates some of the quirkier elements of book love. Ohi’s first book of…

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