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  • Book Chickens

    Savage Chickens is a cartoon series by Doug Savage drawn entirely on sticky notes. Here are a couple of book-themed gems:  A compilation of Savage Chickens cartoons was published last year. Trailer for the book:

  • What an astonishing thing a book is…

    Illustrator Gavin Aung’s “love-letter to printed books” and homage to Carl Sagan  

  • Charlie Brown’s Library Worries

    Source: wellnotwisely.tumblr.com via book patrol on Pinterest

  • Jews in the Funny Pages

    In the first two books of this seminal series that deals with how comics reflect the culture they emanate from, Federick Stromberg dealt with the representation of Blacks and the Devil. For volume three he turns to the Semites. Spanning five centuries and  featuring over 150 images the book becomes an instant essential reference. Chapters…

  • Comic Study

     Scotland’s Dundee University will be the first school in the United Kingdom to offer a masters degree in Comic Studies. Why Dundee? For starters it is the home of the publisher DC Thomson and Co. whose creations include Dennis the Menace, Desperate Dan and the Broons. The Broons The program will be lead by Dr.…