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  • Confessions of a Book Fiend

    “Confessions of a Book Fiend,” 2010 by Grant Snider (click to enlarge) 11″x17″ color prints are available for $15 plus shipping. Ordering info here Thanks to @luxmentis for the lead

  • Digital Book Burning

    click to enlarge Randall Monroe recently posted this comic strip over at xkcd. Hysterical and foreboding.

  • Hugh Hefner, Teen Cartoonist

    The playboy of the Western World at age 16.Jane Sellers and Hugh Hefner, 1943. They dated each other’s best friend when they were in high school together in Chicago. When Jane Sellers moved to California in 1943 her sixteen year-old school pal, Hugh Hefner, began writing to her. Their friendship and correspondence endured for sixty…