That Didn’t Take Long: The DIY iPad Book Cover

Looking for an inexpensive book-friendly way to hide and protect you new iPad?

Welcome to the iBook.

For $10 and a little time you can learn to cover your iPad with a book.

Here are the reasons that propelled the creator of iBook:

– Didn’t want to drop $40 for Apple’s iPad case

– iPad back scratches easily, I hate to rest it naked on the table

– I feel like a pretentious bastard using the iPad in public because everyone knows what it is, but few people have one — this helps me disguise it while in use

– On a similar note, the iPad feels particularly vulnerable as a hot gadget, I feel much better leaving it sitting around while camouflaged than by itself

The book used for the project was a copy of Larry Gelbart’s Stand-Up Comedians on Television that was picked up at a thrift store.

For the holiest among us who cringe at the thought of altering a book. No worries, if you look close you can see a remainder mark on the bottom edge, indicating that the book had already been tampered with.

More images and directions on how to make an iBook cover at Carrypad.

Thanks to @mikecane for the lead.