The Digital Side of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

 Reading at a Table. Pablo Picasso, 1934

 When word gets out the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the most significant repositories of art in the world, releases 400,000 images  into the digital wild it’s hard not to go have a look to see what bookish goodness awaits.

Our first trip brings us a hardy selection of work from Durer to Picasso. Stay tuned for more gems from the collection and our hats are off to the powers that be for releasing such a treasure trove of material.


met Alberti Dvreri pictoris et architecti praestantissimi De vrbibvs...durer

“Alberti Dvreri pictoris et architecti praestantissimi De vrbibvs…” Albrecht Dürer, 1535


Helluones librorum (Bookworms). Joshua Kirby Baldrey, 1786


A Scene in a Library William Henry Fox Talbot before March 22, 1844


In the Library. Edwin Austin Abbey, 1888


[Interior View of Walker Evans’s Apartment at 441 East 92nd Street Showing Fireplace and Library, New York City] . Walker Evans, 1952 or later

Seated Man Reading a Newspaper. Pablo Picasso, 1912


Reading the Scriptures. Thomas Waterman Wood, 1874


Tennyson Reading. Julia Margaret Cameron, 1865


Woman Reading. Boris Grigoriev, ca. 1922

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