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the novel that writes itself

Allen Ruppersberg began The Novel That Writes Itself in 1978. The plan was to create a “fictionalized autobiography where he would talk of his adventures as a young artist.”

The main characters were slated to be the artist’s friends including Ed Ruscha, his gallery owner, Rosamund Felsen, and the collectors Elyse and Stanley Grinstein.

Amazingly, Ruppersberg exhibited a Kickstarter mentality 35+ years before crowdsourcing became the rage by offering the Grinstein’s places in the story for 300 dollars.  He also offered the opportunity to become a supporting character for 100 dollars or to be an extra in the book for 50 dollars.

A decade later, Allen Ruppersberg still had not finished the project.

Enter the Colby Poster Printing Company.

the novel that writes itself 4

The Novel That Writes Itself also includes 460 single-sided perforated sheets of the posters produced by Ruppersberg during his tenure at the legendary Colby Poster Printing Company.

For more than half a century, up until its closing down in 2013, The Colby Poster Printing Company was the go-to poster shop in Los Angeles. Their posters were a mix of bold black letters on a DayGlo background and were instantly recognizable throughout the city.

the novel that writes itself colby printingPhoto: Noe Montes

the novel that writes itself 2

The Novel That Writes Itself is produced and published in an edition of 24 numbered and signed copies and 6 artist’s proofs by mfc-michèle didier and is accompanied by a show at their gallery in Paris.

the novel that writes itself 1

the novel that writes itself 3

If you are anywhere near Paris between now and Halloween this should be one of your stops.

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