Pull the Plug on Book TV

or at least let’s change the name. How about Books and History; Books and Washington; Non-Fiction for the Masses.

Book TV has as little to do with the diverse culture and life of books as the Bush administration has to do with democracy.

Before you throw the book at me for this one head over to the Guardian to read Daniel Kalder’s piece Literary TV to put you off reading forever.

He amusingly reminds us how downright ridiculous much of Book TV is and how extended viewing can be seen as a low grade form of torture guaranteed to ruin your weekend.

Book TV is a narrow, near-sighted approach that is more alienating than inviting. It is embarrassing to those of us who appreciate the depth and variety of the book atmosphere.

We can do better.
Book Patrol would be more than happy to help produce hours and hours of quality programming centered on the diverse and rich world of books.

We will need more than one camera.